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October Update + Credential Management

Hey fellow developers!

September brought about a fantastic set of updates for Perigee. The most requested feature is now available...

Encrypted Credential Stores!

We have not only enabled encrypted stores but also added backup and restore functionalities to the credential configuration handlers. This allows you to remotely back up and restore your credential store file, with configurations tailored to meet your specific needs.

Check out the configuration and SDK page here for a complete walkthrough of the new secure configuration system!

Algorithm Enhancements

Many improvements to the underlying algorithms, a few new extension methods and improved versions of the matching and detection algorithms. Here's a quick list of those changes

  • MatchToList got several improvements and a new overload to better enhance it's ability to match items.

  • Several new additions to the String Extensions including currency aware detection and removal.

  • CSVReader's detection algorithms have been updated to better support header detection, row value qualification and multiple improvements to the "secret sauce" algorithms that identify the CSV files pre-load.

  • ExcelReader now supports passing a rounding precision to solve double float point errors when dealing with Excel files.

  • JsonCompress now support encryption on each method,

New Classes Available

Our goal is to always bring internal / obscure functionality out to rich publicly available SDK's for use. Classes such as debouncing, file stores, serialization, revisioning, data compression, and data verification methods have all been reworked and made available to use by everyone!

  • FileRevisionStore (FRS) is a transactionally, file revisioned, application wide read/write locked file storage helper. It has verification callbacks in place to verify data integrity and solves many issues with writing partial or corrupt data.

  • ConcurrentFileStore is built on top of the FRS system, it's intended to be a globally accessible thread-safe concurrent dictionary that automatically persists itself to disk on a debounced timer and restores itself on load.

    • TLDR: Pass data, it's always available. Like a preference system, but better!

  • Debouncing is now available to the masses!

Many other tweaks, updates and patches to edge cases in CRON parsing, mail watchers, graph client failures, logging tweaks and few other random patches have been released.

Happy coding from the Perigee team!


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