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The Series of Small Things is Your #1 Pain Point.

For many years while I was working as a contractor for technology and IT companies we would often get contracts for writing new applications from scratch. This ranged widely from API projects, to backend server processes, data processing pipelines, the whole gambit.

The day those contracts got signed we got in a meeting and immediately started architecting the process. This inevitably would lead to the same question:

Where do we start and what technology do we need?

Where do you start? Writing software is no different than looking at a blank canvas and wondering where you put the brush down the first time. What color to use and how that final picture is supposed to look. We as engineers, architects, data experts, managers and IT specialists know that the "big picture" is easy to figure out and is usually the first story we create.

Storyboard: Every time we get a new order, we need to take data from this place, move it to that place. Generate some reports, notify the people who matter.

From the most novice of engineers to the most expensive ESB platforms (even those costing over $200,000 annually), everyone will tell you, "YES! I can do that!" And they're probably right. Even AI can generate a lot of code to help you get started these days.

Should you not just hire the cheapest developer and use AI?

The Series of Small Things

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. – Vincent Van Gogh

The least expensive and most expensive options both have an inherent flaw.

They are so focused on "how easy" it is to implement your next project that they forgot to think about those series of small things.

  • What happens when your client order is lost from a blip in the network and you've now got an upset client calling your support team? You may lose a contract.

  • What if a simple daily call limiter could have saved an EXPENSIVE bill from your third party provider because your software ended up in a stuck loop? You may lose your job.

  • What happens when you ignored all of these small things and it's the very thing that ends up delaying the completion of your next epic. You may loose your next bonus.

You've seen those horror stories of a cloud computing company suddenly charging you $100,000 because something went haywire internally. Your decision on how you manage your IT infrastructure, what people you involve and the software development toolkit you chose are the series of small details that REALLY matter.

Here at Perigee, we care about the small things. They add up to make something great. Let's look at our previous examples and see how we might approach them in a smarter toolkit with intelligent humans driving your logic:

  • Our toolkit intelligently recovers from in-flight orders, even if the network goes down, the application crashes mid process or the desktop ignites into flames. No lost clients!

  • We implement and make it easy to use retries and limiters throughout our projects. They can save your bank and your sanity when used properly. No lost jobs, no debt!

  • Perigee accelerates your development timeline by providing every single common integration pattern and an expansive toolkit to assist in development tasks. We safe-guard your processes and allow intelligent developers to implement logic. These series of benefits add up to something great: on-time projects that far exceed the average lifespan of any other platform on the market. No lost bonuses, no lost time!

White Paper

Please enjoy a free copy of our white paper and read about the incredible expenditures IT companies have every year due to this very implementation problem.

White Paper - implementation


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