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Perigee Features

When it comes to integrations, data transformation tasks, automations, and parallel operations, Perigee stands unrivaled. Our software development kit (SDK) is meticulously crafted to supercharge your team's productivity while ensuring unparalleled stability.

Why settle for anything less? Dive into a world of unmatched software development potential. The Perigee SDK sets a gold standard that others can only aspire to reach.

Performant First


Perigee boasts an impressive 25MB footprint. Say "goodbye" to other platforms that require a minimum of 8GB


Race past the competition with easy to use Parallel Processing libraries.  Optimize down to the microsecond.


The thread system guarantees very high performance split across every available core. 

Data Synchronization


SyncAgents are the ultimate task schedulers. They can communicate across networks and have a rich set of features to define when and how they run.


Auto retry transactions that haven't finished, pick up where you left off on a multi-step process. Re-process an entire days worth of transactions in a single call


Dynamically schedule various tasks defined by a remote source. 

Intelligent Systems


Credentials refresh before expiration, persist and restore on application start, can be remotely backed up, and are highly customizable through the rich SDK

Thread Management System

Perigee's intelligent thread management system restarts downed threads and allows for a smart restart policy

Detect Outages

Internet crash? Drive go down? Server unavailable? 

Perigee is aware and has built in methods to automatically pause and resume in context

File Processing

CSV Reader

Automatically detect where the header row is, what rows to ignore above it, and what the delimiters and qualifiers are. It's magic!

Excel Processing

Easily read in datasets and sheets. Intelligent data detection algorithms assist in identifying tables 

JSON + Metadata

Read and parse json easily. The metadata classes allow for json inspection, class generation and model merging 

Highly Integrated


Easily plug into Graph, Teams, and Sharepoint. Built in classes make integrations a breeze.

IMAP +  Mail

Easily write mail clients, bots, inbox readers, and more with the dedicated IMAP module. 


Perigee seamlessly integrates with SalesForce allowing you to quickly watch and move data in and out of SalesForce

Endless Utilities

Nested Sets

Work with large hierarchies in extreme speed thanks to nested sets using rapid tree traversal algorithms

Behavior Trees

Behavior trees are known in robots and manufacturing for their decision making skills. Perigee makes use of them throughout multiple modules to allow for fine-tuned operational logic.


We've authored hundreds of extensions that result in major quality of life improvements.

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